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Plan Set For Sale


Jim Rogers Timber Designs

Has just released a new set of plans.


The “Mailbox Post”


Buy a set of plans to learn how to layout and cut a mailbox post, support beam, and brace. Mailbox is not included.

The price for this set of plans is $4.95. Click on the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of the page.

This set of plans will help you to learn three basic things of timber framing.
One is the mortise.
Two is the tenon.
Three is the brace.

The post is a 6x6.
The support beam is a 6x8.
The brace is a 3x5.

I have used this project to teach students, of all ages and skills, basic timber framing.
You will get a six page set of plans on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

Page one is the title page with a picture of the project.
Page two is the beam with all four sides of the beam and both ends showing the entire needed dimensions

 to layout and cut the tenon and the mortise for the brace.
Page three is the post with all four sides of the post and both ends showing all the needed dimensions

 to layout and cut the mortise for the beam and brace.
Page four is the brace with all four sides of the brace and both ends showing all the needed dimensions

 to layout and cut the brace tenons.
Page five is a side view of the three pieces all put together, with dimensions

 so that you can understand how to assemble them.
Page six is a color drawing of the completed project.

Once completed your mailbox post can be installed and used for many years.

Each set of plans will be mailed to your address listed with paypal.

Mailing your copy is free of charge.

To learn how to cut joints for timber framing, you need to purchase this set of plans.

The basics need to be understood and these three basic things are used in all timber frames, which are the mortise, the tenon and the brace.

I'll send your set out during regular business hours that the post office is open, Monday through Saturday, except holidays.

Unless you want a pdf copy by email. Then I can send it to you during regular business hours, upon payment.

Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers Sawmill
Jim Rogers Timber Designs
Georgetown, MA
email me at: jrsawmill@verizon.net


Click on the “Buy Now” button


If you are not completely satisfied with the set of plans you can request a full 100% refund within the first 30 days.